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Memorial pebblesMemorial Pebbles

During his lifetime, Kim Kwang-seok was named Gwang and Seok in Chinese characters. With the fact that he had a nickname Shine Stone as his motif, On top of the pebbles symbolizing Shine Stone, visitors will be able to see Kim Kwang-seok Through the performance of drawing and writing while thinking about it, with Kim, It is a commemorative space to seek connection and communication. The pebbles Put it in Gabion and store it for a certain period of time. It will be installed on the wall of the story house and displayed permanently.

Memorial zone.Memorial Hall

It is an experience space to seek communication with Kim Kwang-seok and visitors. It is a space where visitors' memorials are displayed like the Hall of Fame.

Memorial Zone


  • Commemorative pebbles ,
  • Memorial zone.