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My travel storyMy Travel Story

Kim Kwang-seok's dream was to travel around the world on a motorcycle. Although it wasn't a trip around the world, New York, Chicago, St. Louis, Los Angeles, Hawaii, and other places I traveled to the Americas during my lifetime You can enjoy the story and his travel memories.

My life storyMy Life Story

A space to re-examine Kim Kwang Seok's life and songs, the 20th anniversary album. The exhibition, Kim Kwang Seok's quotes, and the release of his private photo album. I told a story about his life based on his own songs.

My Concert / My StudioMy Concert / My Studio

Kim Kwang-seok's performances and photos and posters related to various music activities. Performance promotional materials, various artifacts, records, etc. related to the production of albums, etc. It's an exhibition space. Especially, Kim Kwang Seok, who was selected as one of Korea's top 100. Master multi-tape original, cue sheet, and Kim Kwang Seok from the 4th album. When you appear on TV to promote the album and draft album written in your own handwriting, A lyric notebook that organized the songs you're going to sing, the 4th album, After that, the remake of the 4th LP album and the 4th CD album It's a space on display.

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